St. Francis Day 2015

 Gentle Friends of St. Matthew’s


Please join us this Sunday for our celebration of the Feast of St. Francis, where Deacon Jacques and I will bless our beloved animals at the 10 o’clock service and once again offer ‘drive thru’ blessings from Noon to 1 PM. We will then gather at 3PM for an episcopal visitation with Bishop Mark Beckwith in the Parish Hall for a conversation about St. Matthew’s and the hopes and plans for the future.


We will have light refreshments available from 2:30 to 3, and then begin with a short prayer service and renewal of our baptismal vows, followed by an hour of discussion and end with dedication blessing of the Albro-Hahn Fellowship Room.


In order to prepare for our time together, please remember that the Bishop would like to discuss these questions with us:


1.    What are the things you do you as a congregation do that Jesus would love?

2.    What is your congregation’s purpose?

3.    What are your challenges?  What gets in the way of living out your mission?

 4.   What would you like to ask me or want me to know so that the Diocese can be of assistance in   supporting your mission and ministry?


Following the open meeting with members of the congregation the Vestry and clergy will remain to plan next steps in the selection of supply and interim clergy and the search for the next priest to serve in Paramus.


Thank you for your prayers and participation during this time of transition.

Keep the faith and may you find grace and peace in the love of God.


Fr. Bruce+