The Episcopal Church Welcomes You!

Communities link us with others through time. We discover these connections through religious rituals, special observances, and the occasional surprise. (Dorothy Day)

Over the past 5 years I have been blessed to be part of this warm community of faith and want to welcome those seeking to explore your spirituality through prayer, worship and service.

Only God knows what surprises lay in store for us, so I hope that you will take time to visit us on Sunday when we gather at 10 a.m. for our children to ring the bell, hear a brief gospel message and recite their creed before going to Sunday School. Our worship service concludes around 11:00 a.m and those who wish to enjoy fellowship or join in an outreach ministry can come together for refreshments and sharing news in the parish hall.

Many of us feel called to build on the wonderful foundation of community that is embodied in the Spirit of St. Matthew's; and hope to share the power of God's love with you as well. Please come and go as you please, and enjoy our exploration of the spirit, and if you like our family sized congregation, worship and service, just let one of the clergy or an usher know if you would like more information.

May you all see many blessings,