All children (infants to teens) are received at St. Matthew's! We strive to provide an environment where our children will feel welcome, appreciated and nurtured.

Nursery Nursery care is provided for infants and toddlers who are not old enough to join Sunday School or the service of worship. The goal of our nursery care is to nurture the faith of our youngest members in a safe and comfortable environment with a responsible and well trusted nursery care provider.

Sunday School Sunday services begin at 10:00 a.m. with the children of the parish ringing the bell and congregating on the altar for a brief children's sermon. Then, the children process down the aisle and come together in the Hards Room for Sunday School. The hour begins with a Bible story and is followed by an open discussion and an activity, craft or game that encourages them to explore the ideas presented in the story. In these faith filled lessons, our children build trust while learning about the world around them with a strong focus on outreach and fellowship. Our Sunday School is taught in a manner and an environment that is comfortable and encourages our children to worship God through meaningful and joyful experiences. Often, the class is joined by Father Bruce or Deacon Jacques for a Youth at altarspecial lesson. Our children are an integral part of the parish and they have frequent opportunities to participate in family services, which are most enjoyable for all who attend. Highlights of the Sunday School Program include: Christmas Pageant, Children's Bell Choir, Pentecost Celebration, Children's Vegetable Garden, and Ice Cream Sundae. Sunday School begins in September and ends in June. For registration information, please contact the Parish Office.

SMYO (St. Matthew's Youth Organization) We invite the youth of our parish in grades 7 through 12 to join our youth group. SMYO believes that fun and fellowship are the keys in building healthy relationships while continuing to instill Christian values. SMYO goes on day trips, works on outreach projects and prays together. Members of SMYO receive ongoing Acolyte and Torchbearer Training and serve on a rotating schedule. Highlights of SMYO include: St. John the Divine, Seamen's Institute, the Bergen County Animal Shelter, the Acolyte Festival in Washington, DC and other social gatherings throughout the year.